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The vast majority of my work is published online – you can view much of this on my author pages at Pocket-LintT3.com, TechRadar and Lifehacker UK.

Most of my writing has traditionally been review and feature writing, both in terms of hardware and software including apps, where I have a lot of experience across platforms (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Windows Phone). I also have several years’ experience of writing news.

I am also experienced at writing advertorial and commercial copywriting and have completed projects for several clients. I’ve also written in-store guides for the likes of Tesco and Currys PC World and security guides for Australian mobile network Optus.

I have also written many business app reviews for MindTools.com and have also written a book, 1000 Life Hacks, with others in the pipeline.

Publication list:

I’ve also been quoted or interviewed for an assortment of places including The Sun, BBC World Service, BBC News Online, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC Radio 4, LBC, The Southampton Daily Echo and various local commercial and BBC Radio Stations (including Sky News Radio and IRN).

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